An integrated approach

GFG operates across the entire supply chain

The GFG Alliance combines the expertise of world-class industrial, natural and financial resources, working together to deliver a competitive solution.

With resources spanning commodities trading, steel and aluminium manufacture capabilities, advanced engineering as well as financial and property services, the Alliance members are individually owned and managed but collectively offer decades of expertise that delivers a strong competitive edge across the value chain.

Their common purpose is the re-growth of industry – by re-establishing metals production as the foundation for future industrial strength; by introducing new technologies into metals recycling; by commercialising new opportunities for upgrading recycled metals; by championing the use of renewable power for industry; by safeguarding and growing the skills needed for tomorrow’s manufacturing; and by providing the real estate, capital resources and financial advice that helps industry thrive.

While the GFG Alliance members deliver growth to stakeholders with services and value very few others can, they also create a much needed foundation for a stronger and more prosperous economy and society.







Financial Services




Education & Skills