Greener aluminium for growing industries

GFG Alliance has a growth strategy in aluminium as a core product in its portfolio and sees an opportunity in re-growing supply chains for the benefit of customers and communities.

GFG Alliance’s vision for the reestablishing metals manufacturing recently led to the rebirth of the iconic British Aluminium brand. In December 2016, with the help of the Scottish Government, the Alliance purchased the last primary aluminium smelter in the United Kingdom, located in Fort William. The facility currently manufactures 48,000 tonnes of slabs and sows every year.

The smelter is powered by two neighbouring hydroelectric stations and a complex of bio fuel units, owned and managed by the GFG Alliance energy company, SIMEC. This combination of renewable energy resources makes the site one of the greenest metal production plants in the world.

In addition to serving international markets with semifinished aluminium, Liberty is investing to upgrade the smelter and add value through the creation of downstream manufacturing based on the liquid aluminium produced on site. This includes the creation of an adjacent facility to make alloy wheels and other components for the UK and European automotive industry.

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