A global resource extraction business

SIMEC is building a global mining business to supply raw materials for the Alliance’s demands and for third party supply.

SIMEC’s South Australian Mining operations have a current run rate of 9-10 million tonnes per year and are well-placed for an exciting future.

The mining business primarily operates in the Middleback Ranges, located 60 kilometres from Liberty’s integrated Whyalla Steelworks. These operations incorporate the Iron Baron, Iron Knob and South Middleback Ranges mine sites. These operations mine both hematite and magnetite iron ore which is respectively railed and piped to Whyalla. The majority of the magnetite is pelletised (c.1.3mtpa) and used within the steel works. The hematite ore (c.10mtpa) and excess magnetite is loaded onto ships for transport to a primarily Asian customer base. Total reserves and resources are just under three-quarters of a billion tonnes.

The Alliance also owns a portfolio of non-ferrous mining assets including the Ardrossan Dolomite Mine – also located in South Australia – which supplies dolomite flux to Liberty’s Whyalla Steelworks.

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