Capturing and up-cycling metals through new technology investment

The GFG Alliance’s model involves reshaping the metals recycling supply-chain to provide abundant high-quality raw material for its manufacturing processes.

The Alliance is developing a network of advanced collection and processing facilities for both ferrous and nonferrous metals across the UK, USA and continental Europe.

The metal recycling business will supply Liberty’s fast growing integrated steel business, which increasingly will use domestic scrap, melted in electric arc furnaces, powered by renewable energy. The Alliance’s aim is to build five million tonnes a year melting capacity in the UK alone over the next five years.

The division’s UK scrap-assembly and processing operations will be strategically placed in regions of high scrap generation and close to Liberty’s melting, rolling and engineering facilities. These include South Wales, the West Midlands, Yorkshire and Scotland.

Liberty Metals Recycling also has a scrap collection and trans-shipment operation in Gdansk, Poland and will be expanding its activities in Continental Europe.

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