A global business alliance

The four pillars of the GFG Alliance

GFG Alliance is an international group of businesses, founded and owned by the British Gupta Family. It combines some of the world’s leading industrial, natural and financial resources, working together towards the delivery of a common industrial strategy.

The Alliance has an inspiring vision for industry, one that sees a sustainable and non-cyclical future for manufacturing as a foundation for a stronger and more prosperous society. Delivered on a regional and national basis, this vision also binds together the GFG Alliance’s businesses that globally strive to bring about a brighter tomorrow for industry.

The Alliance’s principal goal is to develop sustainable industrial eco-systems across its main operational businesses, otherwise known as the Four Pillars.

These are:

  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Infrastructure, resources and construction;
  • Financial services; and
  • Property management and development.

The GFG Alliance aims to achieve these by pursuing disruptive growth and building strong independent businesses that support local markets with local resources, think and act globally, leverage integrated supply chains and embed excellence across all activities. It is also committed to building a strong industrial base for future generations by supporting education and skills development through the GFG Foundation.