JAHAMA Estates

JAHAMA Estates operates and owns a wide portfolio of industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential properties. It is the 5th largest private land owner in the UK, with additional property held across four continents.

The JAHAMA Estates include a number of commercial, office, agricultural, energy and recreational assets situated across four continents, with the majority held in the United Kingdom.

By far the largest part of the JAHAMA Estates are located in Scotland where the business is the 5th largest private landowner. The Highland Estates are a collection of over 114,000 acres located around Fort William, Kinlochleven and Laggan.

The land is made up of some of the most stunning scenery in Europe and surrounds Ben Nevis, the UK’s highest mountain. The estates provide the catchment area for the water supply to the hydropower stations at Fort William and Kinlochleven.

JAHAMA Highland Estates
JAHAMA Highland Estates is responsible for managing the land surrounding the smelter and hydropower plants and is working to combine traditional rural activities with sustainable industrial activities, while also engaging closely with local communities.

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