Our Vision

A sustainable future for industry and society

The GFG Alliance is an international alliance of independent companies that work for tomorrow’s generations as much as for today’s. On a planet of limited resources, rising population and cycles of prosperity and recession, we place great emphasis on making our enterprises both resilient and sustainable.

For more than 60 years we’ve operated in sectors that are fundamental to the economy: energy, metals, engineering, logistics, and more recently infrastructure, financial services, property and mining. We’ve always sought to add value to these industries by doing things differently, and that remains the prevailing spirit of our companies today.

At the heart of the GFG Alliance approach is our focus on integrating and innovating to deliver value throughout the process; from the renewable energy that recycles metal in our furnaces and mills, and the precision engineering in our manufacturing plants, to the industry friendly financial services that enable trade and invigorate the whole business environment in which we operate.

With a range of physical assets and human resources spanning over 30 countries and over 250 sites, our business is constantly growing and evolving in pursuit of our corporate vision. Our ability to deliver that vision is defined not only by the size of our operation, but by the quality of our people. We recruit the best, safeguard people and skills, and then invest to ensure they continue to grow as we do.

We have an industrial heritage that stretches back many decades but more importantly, we have an inspiring vision that delivers a smarter, more sustainable and viable future for both industry and society. It is a vision that will ensure we continue to push the boundaries and deliver for many decades to come.