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Leadership, Sanjeev Gupta > 28th August, 2019
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Being passionate about what you do, having strong underpinning values and being willing to engage and work with others are essential leadership qualities, writes Sanjeev Gupta.

Iconic. It’s a word that conjures up a raft of thoughts and images; of people, objects or moments in time that have long-lasting admiration and influence.

Mahatma Gandhi, an icon to many and someone I have long looked up to, once said: “Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the one who serves nor the served, but all pleasures and possessions pale into nothingness before service which is rendered in a spirit of joy.”

I believe this to simply mean, if you are passionate, if you truly love what you do – and it’s coupled with purpose, a strong work ethic and an intention to make the world you live in a better place for future generations – you too are capable of iconic achievements and importantly, personal fulfilment and joy.

I love everything I do about my work, and I believe that has helped underpin my success and the growth of my company, the GFG Alliance.

As leaders of industry we have a responsibility to build a better world for generations to come, and we have an obligation to work with and influence others to aspire to the same goal.

But what does that world look like and how do we get there? It starts by being intentional, by being true to your core values and living those values authentically through your actions.

What has punctuated the success of the Gupta Family Group and its business pursuits through the generations have been our values: change, family and sustainability, and they permeate our activities and the operations of our workforce today, in the 30 countries in which we operate.

A better world comes about by embracing change. We must not fight change. It is inevitable, it is evolution.

In every circumstance, particularly in times of challenge, we have opportunities to be brave, to think differently and unlock areas of value or untapped potential.

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From the first bicycle business in the GFG story, more than half a century ago, we have changed and continue to do so to now straddle everything from metals, shipping and renewable energy, to financial services, property, education and training, and, in the near future, electric vehicle manufacturing.

Family, and having a strong sense of family is critical. At GFG, we treat everyone – our colleagues, our business partners, customers, stakeholders and community – as a valued family member. Difference is to be respected, and we all have a contribution to make through fresh ideas, respectfully challenging the status quo, and celebrating the success of our partners and stakeholders along the way. Together, we can achieve more.

From my perspective, a better world is sustainable – economically, socially and environmentally.

A better, more sustainable world is driven by a vibrant manufacturing sector. It remains the cornerstone of a modern and successful economy. It brings jobs, wealth, hope and long-term sustainability to individuals, families and communities across the entire breadth of our society. The application of our GREENSTEEL philosophy has helped resuscitate dormant and dying steel, energy and manufacturing plants from Wales, Scotland and England, to France, Australia, the United States and now Europe.

I encourage all business leaders and budding entrepreneurs to be persistent, be determined, be brave, be authentic and in some cases, it’s OK to prove the naysayers wrong.

Let’s keep on building a better world for tomorrow.

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