At GFG Alliance we have a different approach. We are a collective of dynamic, agile businesses, challenging assumptions and breaking new ground in multiple sectors – from metals, mining, energy generation and shipping, to engineering, financial services, property and asset evolution.

We have a clear vision, and each of our member businesses is proud to be part of realising that vision. Across the GFG Alliance we offer career opportunities for people who share our drive, passion and ambition. From apprentices and graduates to experienced professionals, we are committed to offering fulfilling careers and the chance to grow as our business grows.

We are on a journey – one we would love you to be part of.

Our people

Casey Richardson

Casey from KCI shares his passion for excellence.

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Kerrin Hunter

Kerrin Hunter, from Liberty Primary Steel, is proud to pass on his knowledge to the next generation of workers.

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Austin Thomas

Austin shares what drew him to working for JAHAMA and joining the GFG Alliance.

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Erika Sullivan

Adding value each and every day drives Erika to achieve more for InfraBuild Steel Centre.

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Our guiding values


We pride ourselves on having an open mindset and continually challenging the status quo. We seek out innovative ideas in order to stay ahead of the curve, and we encourage our people to persist and to overcome setbacks.


We’re more than a team, we’re family. The GFG Alliance has an inter-generational outlook, which means we make decisions for the welfare of our future generations.


 We think of sustainability across three dimensions – economic sustainability, social sustainability, and environmental sustainability.


‘Be GFG Safe’ is based on the guiding GFG values of Change, Family and Sustainability and provides a new approach for how our global businesses and workforce looks out for each other so all members of the GFG family can return home safe and healthy every day.

The strategy provides a framework to guide the group on its mission to operate globally in a safe, responsible manner, with a focus on respecting the environment and the health and safety of our employees, customers and the communities we operate in. It makes clear that we do not accept any injuries at work – even one injury is too many.

The Be GFG Safe strategy has four key pillars to guide our way of working:

Preventing life-threatening incidents by understanding and managing our biggest risks.

Driving a safety-focussed culture where everyone takes responsibility for looking out for themselves, and each other.

Encouraging fitness for work and life through targeted health and wellness programs and support.

Enabling performance by constantly reviewing our processes and tools, promoting organisational learning and best practice, and maintaining our high standard of work.

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Our apprentices tell us that it’s the balance between working and studying that will really give you the edge. When you’re not learning the technicalities of your trade, you’ll be on site putting what you’ve learnt into practice with heavy machinery and equipment. You’ll be challenged and stretched, but you will have the guidance from your manager to make sure your career starts in the best way.

Businesses within the GFG Alliance offer a range of apprenticeship opportunities and programs. Contact our pillars or global hubs for further information.

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Graduate careers

We offer some graduate career programs across businesses within the Alliance. The hands-on nature of our programs puts interpersonal, professional and technical skills in the fast lane for growth.

We look for people who are adaptable, thrive in challenging environments and want to be involved in real projects, work as part of a team, take on big challenges and make a real contribution to the business.


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