Key market sectors

Metal Making

A major supplier to the global metal making sector delivering both raw and recyclable materials for the manufacture of steel, aluminium, nickel, zinc, copper and tin.


An integral partner of the construction industry across the UK, Australia and the USA, based on a large portfolio of long and flat steel products, building products and value-added services.


The market leading supplier of steel for infrastructure applications in Australia and the USA, with a growing presence in the UK market.


The GFG Alliance supplies components and materials to the energy market, primarily in the UK, and is also a growing producer of renewable energy across its geographical markets.


A long standing supplier to the industrial and general engineering sector, delivering solutions to meet the demanding requirements for performance, cleanness, strength and wear resistance.


The leading supplier of wire rod and fabricated products to the US agricultural sector, also manufacturing and distributing tube, wire, fencing and accessory products for the same sector in the UK and Australia.


A leading UK manufacturer of engineering solutions with a growing international footprint. Serves sectors such as OEM automotive, motorsport, niche and high performance vehicles, hybrid, defence and multi-terrain.


A specialist supplier of high integrity engineered steels for major commercial and military aerospace programmes around the world, including Airbus, Boeing and Bell Helicopters.

Oil and Gas

A manufacturer of high performance products specifically designed to operate in harsh environments that can be highly corrosive with pressure changes and temperature fluctuations.


With a range of solutions provided in national, international and classification society grades to the marine and shipbuilding markets.


The Alliance mines both iron ore and coal in its Australian operations which utilised by both the GFG companies and supplied to external customers.


The number one supplier of rail steels in Australia.