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Developing the workforce of today and tomorrow

The GREENSTEEL Academy’s mission is simple: to engage, inspire and develop the workforce of today and tomorrow through innovative development programmes, created by our own teams in collaboration with external educational and technical establishments and with the support of regional authorities.

Local GREENSTEEL Academies became operational in Europe (Romania, Czech Republic and North Macedonia) in October 2021. Together they have celebrated some exciting key achievements focussed on future talent and early careers:

  • Galati celebrating its 10th summer school.
  • Skopje revitalising their educational and community programmes (and being awarded a Chairman’s Global Excellence Award as a result).
  • Ostrava offering on-the-job training to 120 local technical apprentices.

The central GREENSTEEL Academy team, which was created in January, is busy building a programme called ‘Discover GREENSTEEL’.  This is chaptered to educate on a wide-ranging landscape from the compelling case for change through to technologies we know we need but don’t yet exist. 

We’re proud to be sharing some of this content with everyone, everywhere– no matter your industry, location, or interests.  Our first module, ‘Climate Change Fundamentals’, is an interactive online module during which you can test your own knowledge on what is happening across the world today and why it is so important for us to do something about it. You can find it in our Learning Library HERE.

Contact us at GREENSTEEL.Academy@gfgalliance.com or visit us at: https://greensteelacademy.gfgalliance.com/

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