Green strategies

GFG Alliance, through LIBERTY, is transforming steel and aluminium manufacturing through its recycled GREENSTEEL and GREENALUMINIUM  strategies. 

The strategic approach recycles and upcycles the abundant supply of scrap metal currently in the global steel market using electric arc furnaces powered by renewable energy. The end products from this process are used across sectors such as automotive, aerospace, marine, off-road and defence. 

GREENSTEEL process provides a more flexible and customer-focused solution, while also reducing the carbon footprint of manufacture, shortening the supply chain, retaining and upgrading skills, stimulating new technologies and engendering a sustainable and globally competitive metal manufacturing sector.  

Watch the GFG Alliance Executive Chairman Sanjeev Gupta, as he explains how the GREENSTEEL approach works


The GFG Alliance has also recently extended its GREENSTEEL approach to aluminium production where it is currently using the same principles to transform this sector through its GREENALUMINIUM strategy. 

These two approaches form the foundation of the Alliance’s ambitious CN30 initiative.

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