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Sanjeev Gupta is the Executive Chairman of GFG Alliance, a collection of global businesses and investment owned Sanjeev and his family. GFG Alliance has three core industry brands; LIBERTY Steel Group, ALVANCE Aluminium Group and SIMEC Energy Group. Besides its industry brands GFG Alliance holds investments in financial services and property held within a Family Office. Sanjeev and his wife Nicola are also the founders of the GFG Foundation – a registered charity that aims to develop industrial skills among young people. GFG Alliance has revenues of $20bn and employees 36,000 people across 30 countries.

Born into a family of industrialists in Punjab, India, Sanjeev was educated in the UK and graduated with an MA in Economics and Management from the University of Cambridge. He founded LIBERTY House Group in 1992, while still an undergraduate, as a global commodities trader, growing rapidly across different geographies for over two decades.

In 2015 Sanjeev started his industrial journey buying and restarting his first steel mill in the UK. Since then he has built an international reputation as an ambitious and visionary industrialist acquiring and building major assets in metals, engineering, mining, and renewable energy spread across the world with a particular focus on the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA.

Sanjeev’s strategy is based on long-term investment focused on economic, social and environmental sustainability. At the heart of this are his low-carbon GREEN strategies (GREENSTEEL and GREENALUMINIUM) which combine metal recycling with renewable energy. In 2019 Sanjeev announced LIBERTY Steel Group’s ambition to become Carbon Neutral by 2030 – the most ambitious target of its kind by a major steel producer.

Progressing his vision of combining renewable energy with metal manufacturing, his energy group SIMEC, has a growing portfolio of assets in solar, wind, hydro, bio-diesel, biomass and waste-to-energy.

Sanjeev has also set up JAHAMA – the property arm of GFG Alliance – to provide property management and development services to members of the GFG Alliance that have considerable property portfolios.

Sanjeev is a major advocate of community development in areas where his businesses are active. He supports the building of industrial skills among young people through the GFG Foundation which he established with his wife Nicola in 2016.

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LIBERTY, SIMEC, JAHAMA and GFG Foundation are all part of the GFG Alliance working together to build sustainable industries.

Sanjeev and Nicola live in Dubai with their three young children.

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