About the Whyalla Steelworks

The Whyalla Steelworks, situated at the northern edge of South Australia’s Spencer Gulf, has access to local raw materials, a deep-water port and extensive rail linkages to markets on the east and west coasts of Australia.

The Steelworks is configured as an integrated steelmaking route that produces slabs, billets, hot rolled structural steel and rail products. Total production capacity at Whyalla Steelworks is 1.2 Mtpa of cast steel and 475 ktpa of hot rolled product.

GFG Alliance’s operations in Whyalla underpin key regional infrastructure development and form the economic backbone of the region, representing over 43% of the local economy and approximately 42% of local employment.

GFG Alliance has invested over $200 million in the Whyalla Steelworks and mining operations since acquisition. The almost exclusively residential workforce are passionate about their community and committed to the long-term viability of the Steelworks.

History of the Steelworks

  1. The first blast furnace blown in, and HMAS Whyalla launched. Whyalla population: 5,000

  2. Official opening of the Steelworks. Whyalla population: 20,000

  3. Last ship (Iron Curtis) handed to owners. Whyalla Population: 33,832

  4. Steelworks spun out by BHP – renamed OneSteel

  5. Company entered into voluntary administration

  6. GFG Alliance purchased the Whyalla Steelworks

  7. GFG Alliance announces Whyalla Transformation Plan. Whyalla Population: 21,828