ALVANCE Aluminium Duffel – supporting the car of the future

ALVANCE, Media release > 2nd February, 2021

– No Motor Show last month. However the Duffel aluminium plant is running at full capacity to support the rapidly evolving automobile sector.

Even though the coronavirus pandemic is still hampering certain sectors of the economy, and the Brussels motor show is not taking place as a result, ALVANCE Aluminium is continuing to work on innovation and development of aluminium supply for the industry. The demand for lighter vehicles, vehicles with reduced emissions and fuel consumption, electric and autonomous driving vehicles is a trend that ALVANCE is closely monitoring in order to support its customers in this evolution.

Located in Belgium, ALVANCE Aluminium Duffel, (previously owned by Aleris), has over 30 years’ experience in the use of aluminium in the automotive sector and supplies major car manufacturers and suppliers around the world. Aluminium is used in car bonnets, doors, boot lids and wings, among other things. Thanks to the recent acquisition by the ALVANCE Aluminium Group, this factory can continue to invest in innovation and automation to deliver an even better, more tailored product. The use of aluminium in cars is increasing significantly. We are currently seeing an increase of 19% compared to 2016. By 2025, we will see an additional growth of 11% per car due to the fact that aluminium is light and therefore has a strong positive impact on reducing car emissions.

The huge increase in the number of electric cars that require the lightest possible battery housing will further increase the amount of aluminium per car.

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