What is CN30?

It’s time to get serious about the environmental impact of producing steel and aluminium. Manufacturing these two key industrial metals accounts for over 10% of all the world’s direct emissions from use of fossil fuels. By 2050, the global demand for steel and aluminium – foundation materials and the building blocks of modern life – is expected to be double the level of 2012.

Clearly this is a conflict and fundamental change is needed.

With this in mind, we have announced our ambition to become carbon neutral by 2030 – or as we call it, CN30.

This does not mean that we will have no emissions, or indeed that we will abandon traditional practices overnight.

Experience has taught us that only a mixed model can work – transitioning blast furnaces which we will replace with electric arc furnaces over time, investing in new electric arc furnaces, and piloting new clean technologies.

This will require strategic longterm thinking and it presents an opportunity for a change in mindset.

Investments for a green future 

Sanjeev Gupta, the Executive Chairman of GFG Alliance and LIBERTY Steel Group shares his views at the Ziarul Financiar l “Romanian industry: investments for a green future” conference.

GFG Alliance at The World Climate Summit

Watch GFG Alliance participating on 3 panel discussions at the World Climate Summit as a Planet A partner

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Panel Discussion 1: Progress Towards Net-Zero – Challenges, Opportunities & Achievements

How GFG can help reach global net zero and the role of energy intensive sectors – going further, faster.

Jeff Kabel, Chief Transformation Officer, LIBERTY Steel Group


Panel Discussion 2: Powering the World – Solving the Challenges of the Global Energy Transition

Discussing the policy frameworks required to enable decarbonisation, security of supply and affordability of our energy supply.

Tim Collins, UK Head of Energy Policy, SIMEC Group


Panel Discussion 3: Circular Economy & the 21st Century City – Unlocking Economic, Social & Environmental Benefits of the Sustainable City

The role of steel and aluminium in the circular economy and to create smart supply chains and lean manufacturing.

Dr Dirk Inghels, Director Quality & HSE, ALVANCE Aluminium Group


Executive Chairman’s message and GREENSTEEL prospectus

Sanjeev Gupta portrait

A message from Sanjeev Gupta, Executive Chairman

The 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), in Glasgow, met to agree how global climate commitments will be delivered. I want to take this opportunity to reiterate my commitment to our climate goals and explain how we’re participating in COP26.

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Making GREENSTEEL today’s low-carbon reality: The investment case for GREENSTEEL

Sustainable industry leader, GFG Alliance (GFG), owner of LIBERTY Steel Group, has announced the launch of a major new three-way policy partnership with Green Alliance, the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre and Bright Blue. The partnership is being launched with a “Prospectus for GREENSTEEL”, in which the three organisations highlight the role that steel making and products made from steel can play in the drive to net-zero, with a competitive operating environment and the right policy incentives in place.

Download our GREENSTEEL Prospectus here

Key initiatives we have underway to decarbonise our businesses