Carbon Neutral by 2030 (CN30) is a wide-reaching program by the GFG Alliance that will transform industrial manufacturing for a truly sustainable future.

What is CN30?

It’s time to get serious about the environmental impact of producing steel and aluminium. Manufacturing these two key industrial metals accounts for over 10% of all the world’s direct emissions from use of fossil fuels; as an industry, we need to step up to the challenge and mitigate this impact.

At the same time, by 2050 the global demand for these foundation materials – the building blocks of modern life – is expected to be double the level of 2012.

Clearly this is a conflict and fundamental change is needed.

With this in mind, we have announced our ambition to become carbon neutral by 2030 – or as we call it, CN30. This does not mean that we will have no emissions, or indeed that we will abandon traditional practices overnight. Experience has taught us that only a mixed model can work – transitioning blast furnaces which we will replace with electric arc furnaces over time, investing in new electric arc furnaces, and piloting new clean technologies.

This will require strategic longterm thinking and it presents an opportunity for a change in mindset.

Sustainable practices

Our CN30 initiative will build on our existing GREENSTEEL and GREENALUMINIUM approaches.


An economically and environmentally sustainable future for the global metals industry.

  • GFG Alliance is transforming steel manufacturing into a global product and technology leader through its GREENSTEEL strategy.
  • GREENSTEEL aims to recycle and upcycle the growing mountain of scrap steel, using Electric Arc Furnaces powered by renewable energy.
  • Raw materials and resources are secured locally to make world-class products that sell both nationally and globally.
  • Producing steel from recycled materials emits only 1/3 of the emissions compared with primary steel production through Blast Furnaces – when combined with renewable power emissions are reduced to near zero.
  • GFG Alliance is exploring the potential of breakthrough technologies such as hydrogen steel making to remove emissions from primary steel production via Direct Reduce Iron furnaces that can feed EAFs.
  • High grade engineered steel and alloys from the process feed engineering operations that make advanced components for demanding sectors such as automotive, aerospace, marine, off-road and defence.

GREENSTEEL process graphic


GREENALUMINIUM process graphic


Greener aluminium for growing industries.

  • Aluminium is a truly “green metal”. It is lightweight, strong, noncorroding and easily formable into a wide range of products.
  • Aluminium only requires 5% of the original energy needed to smelt it from its ore to recycle it into second, third and many subsequent life products.
  • These lightweight properties mean that Aluminium is a major enabler to the weight reduction of transport to include cars and planes and as a result it makes a major contribution to carbon emission reduction in these and many sectors.
  • ALVANCE will work towards Carbon Neutrality by 2030 across all of its Aluminium assets.

Latest CN30 media releases

Recognised leader


Our GREENSTEEL and GREENALUMINIUM approaches are recognised as leading sustainable practices within the industry.

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