Partnering with others to develop strong communities

I’m very proud and excited by the partnership with Port Adelaide Football Club – my family’s first with a sporting team.

This partnership is not a corporate sponsorship, but an investment by my family in what I believe is an incredible avenue for my family to give back and contribute to community development.

The club’s ethos resonates with the values that are important to me – change, family and sustainability.
Through this relationship, we will work together to develop skills and programs for young people in regional areas of Australia, like Whyalla, where we have made a commitment to develop sustainable industry and strong communities for generations to come.

I am committed to building and reinvigorating industry.

As part of this, I am personally committed to investing in making communities stronger, especially around our industrial sites – places where people live and raise their families and pursue satisfying careers. It’s through strong communities that we build a strong workforce who share in our vision and are willing to work through the challenges and opportunities that face us to achieve great success.

Sport has an amazing ability to bring us together as a community. Our sporting heroes represent the epitome of human endeavour – hard work, determination, and the grit to succeed no matter how the odds may be stacked against us.

Sanjeev Gupta

Executive Chairman and CEO GFG Alliance