Strategic Board

GFG Alliance Strategic Board

Sanjeev Gupta

Executive Chairman and CEO of GFG Alliance

Sanjeev Gupta is an international businessman and entrepreneur, heading the GFG Alliance – a global enterprise with activities spanning steel and aluminium production, mining, engineering, power generation, infrastructure, banking, property and commodities trading, as well as education and skills.

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Jay Hambro

Chief Investment Officer of GFG Alliance
Chief Executive - Energy and Mining - SIMEC Group

Jay Hambro joined the GFG Alliance in January 2016 as a senior member of its group management team. Mr Hambro is the GFG Alliance’s Chief Investment Officer, SIMEC’s CEO of Mining and Energy and leads the group’s investments into the financial/investment sectors.

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Dr Douglas Dawson

Chief Executive Officer, Liberty Industries Group

Douglas Dawson is a prominent British business leader with a 30-year track record of achievement and success within the UK and international engineering, manufacturing and industrial sectors.

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Paul Francis

Chief Executive Officer, Liberty Commodities

Paul Francis started his career in European commodity trade finance (predominantly in the ferrous and non-ferrous metals sector), working with leading banks including Société Generale, Credit Agricole and RZB

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