The 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), in Glasgow, met to agree how global climate commitments will be delivered.

I want to take this opportunity to reiterate my commitment to our climate goals and explain how we’re participating in COP26.

Over the last century the world has changed and so have our attitudes to industry and business. It’s clear that time for action is running out for the planet so we need to change what we do and how we do it.  Steel and aluminium account for around 10% of industrial emissions worldwide.  However, these materials are essential to a modern economy, and therefore demand for them will increase significantly in the coming decades.  At the same time, governments are rightly putting in place tougher emission regulations and our customers are demanding lower carbon products.  Something has to change.

This is why I feel it is vital we take a lead and aim high with our mission to become carbon neutral by 2030.  Decarbonising our industries is not only right for the environment, but it will ensure our businesses are economically and socially sustainable too, by remaining competitive and providing high quality jobs in our communities. Never has our purpose – to create a sustainable future for industry and society – meant more.

During COP26 we are a key sponsor of the World Climate Summit – one of the most important official events of COP26 and the leading forum for business, investors and technology providers to work together and develop real solutions to tackle climate change.  We will be speaking at various panels and events, using the opportunity to launch our campaign:  To make change, we have to push.  

The campaign will promote the work we’re doing to decarbonise our businesses from Whyalla to Fort William, and will include examples from JAHAMA, the GFG Foundation and the GREENSTEEL Academy to show the broad base of activities across the GFG Alliance. We will be spending the next two weeks engaging with stakeholders from around the world, from governments to investors to potential partners, and encouraging them to get behind our plans.

It is clear that the next decade is pivotal. Whatever our political leaders sign up to at COP26 – it won’t be deliverable without a plan for steel and aluminium. Change is needed – but to make change we have to push with our workforce, stakeholders and partners all working together to deliver a sustainable reality for our businesses, through our GREENSTEEL and GREENALUMINIUM strategies.

To find out more about our involvement at COP26, and to learn more about what we are doing already to transform our businesses, visit our social media channels and our dedicated webpages. We will be keeping them up to date with stories, videos and information about the changes we are pushing.

Best regards,

Sanjeev Gupta