SIMEC Group is an international energy and natural resources business focused on building a dynamic portfolio of extraction resources, sustainable power and supporting the Alliance with an infrastructure and trading platform.

The company was established over 50 years ago by Mr Parduman K. Gupta, who is also the current Chairman of SIMEC. In 2016, SIMEC’s turnover exceeded US$2.5bn and net assets were valued at US$350m. Due to the strength of its financial performance, the Group was also rated A+ by India’s major credit rating agency.

SIMEC has 5 major divisions which focus on Shipping, Infrastructure, Mining, Energy and Commodities.

SIMEC Shipping is centered around the chartering, leasing and ownership of vessels as well as port ownership and processing.

SIMEC Infrastructure owns and operates commercial ports, railway stock and marine fleets as well as storage facilities provide which provide the Alliance with the ability to extend services to customers and support the delivery of its own value-added activities.

SIMEC Mining is a globally focused business with assets in South Australia that supplies materials for the GFG Alliance’s business as well as third party customers.

SIMEC Energy is a fast growing producer or renewable power, with a portfolio of assets across hydro and bio power as well as waste to energy, on- and off-shore wind, solar and pumped hydro.

SIMEC Commodities specialises in the trade energy and energy related commodities.

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