Forging the way to transforming the Steel Industry through Talent Development

CN30 > 19th February, 2024

Mariia Lytvyn, Head of Talent & Reward, GFG Alliance

In the evolving landscape of heavy industries, particularly with steel manufacturing, a paradigm shift is underway, driven by a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Some are driven by a greater sense of urgency than others. At GFG Alliance, I believe we embody this transformative journey with a real ambition, by embracing innovative practices that reshape the future of work.

We recognise the need for change in an industry that has historically been slow to transformation. Traditional steel production is now accompanied by skills and training programs focusing on sustainable practices and technologies. At GFG Alliance, we encourage our people to actively engage in innovation and research, creating an environment where proposing and implementing sustainable solutions are not only welcomed but rewarded.

The challenges of attracting and recruiting a younger generation into the steel industry are being actively considered. As with many hard-to-abate industries, I believe that a way to address these concerns is by introducing greater flexibility and emphasizing the environmental contribution of every job. Incentives such as internships, apprenticeship programs, and partnerships with educational institutions, are other ways we look to attract and nurture new talent.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just a buzzword for GFG Alliance; it’s a transformative force. We leverage AI to enhance efficiency, safety, and the overall employee experience. AI-driven automation is freeing up time for more creative and strategic activities. This is an exciting proposition for future talent who have the possibility of working alongside cutting-edge technology, on making real impact.

We’ve always been transparent about our CN30 strategy and the industry’s transition to GREENSTEEL. We actively educate our current workforce and potential recruits via the GREENSTEEL Academy, about the importance of this transition.

When it comes to upskilling, we take a proactive approach. The company invests significantly in internal training and development programs, covering sustainability, environmental practices, and the transition to GREENSTEEL. Moreover, GFG Alliance actively participates in industry associations and collaborations, sharing knowledge and best practices to promote a broader industry-wide understanding of GREENSTEEL production.

To ensure upskilling initiatives align with the career aspirations of our existing workforce, we undertake regular employee feedback and engagement surveys. We also conduct skill gap analyses to gather insights into the effectiveness of upskilling initiatives if they meet with employee expectations and are aligned with their tasks.

GFG Alliance’s leadership role in the steel industry’s journey towards sustainability and talent development, is driven by our core purpose. Through our CN30 vision, investing in ongoing training, encouraging innovation, and fostering a transparent culture, we hope to not just attract top talent, but also lead the charge in building a greener future for the steel industry.

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