Renewable energy generation to power a sustainable industrial vision

SIMEC Energy is a fast growing developer and operator of renewable power in the UK and Australia.

Renewable power is at the heart of SIMEC’s activities as it looks to ensure a long term, stable and sustainable power source for industry. SIMEC Energy, part of the multi-national SIMEC Group, is developing a wide portfolio of renewable assets in the UK and Australia.

The Group already delivers low-carbon energy from hydro and biofuel sources for use in GFG Alliance’s own industrial activities and in the wider market.

The Alliance will continue to drive the development of other green power sources and/or acquire additional generation capacity using technologies such as wind, hydro, pumped hydro, solar, battery storage and energy from waste.

Looking further into the future, GFG has invested in the development of tidal power, which will harness the energy of the tides in a programme that could deliver 8% of the UK’s electricity needs. GFG also has the capabilities for the manufacture of wind turbine towers and transmission line pylons and is looking to expand its renewable energy portfolio with the addition of other power assets.

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