Thinking global, acting local

At a glance

  • GFG Alliance is helping to reinvigorate enterprises with an uncertain future
  • The Alliance’s goal is to develop sustainable industrial ecosystems.
  • GFG is helping drive economic growth and employment through it’s operations in North America and Europe

GFG Alliance’s principal goal is to develop sustainable industrial eco-systems across all our businesses. We do this by pursuing disruptive growth and building strong independent businesses that support local markets with local resources, while leveraging our global integrated supply chains. Our North American and French operations show how this model is providing major advantages for local economies, industries and workers.

By leveraging our strong global position and acting locally, GFG Alliance is helping to reinvigorate enterprises with an uncertain future.

Our operations in North America and Europe show the positive impact of our approach to sustainable industry, commitment to fostering skilled workforces and developing full value chains.

Growth in the USA

GFG Alliance company LIBERTY’s procurement of the largest producer of value-added carbon and alloy wire in North America, Johnstown Wire Technologies (JWT) in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, is a good example of how these wider benefits are being produced.

As well as giving the Alliance valuable capacity to manufacture a range of high-value carbon and alloy wire products for multiple end markets, it makes it easier for LIBERTY to meet ‘Made in America’ requirements for public projects.

JWT is able to supply its locally made products, such as aluminised wire, direct drawn wire, cleaned and coated rods, plated wire and rod, to infrastructure and utility projects across the United States. These projects, in turn, boost employment, drive growth in the economy and help build the country.

Sustaining manufacturing in France

On the other side of the Atlantic, GFG Alliance has made strides to help sustain manufacturing in France.

The acquisition of French automotive suppliers Saint Jean Industries Poitou and Fonderie du Poitou Fonte by LIBERTY is the latest step in its strategy to develop into the global automotive sector.

The Alliance’s growth in France secured the jobs of over 600 employees of the businesses and supported communities in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region along the way.

LIBERTY will work with management and staff to improve operational working practices so that the businesses can diversify their product ranges and build market share.

Both of the acquired sites use recycled material to produce their components, and so their acquisition is another step towards GFG’s development of a GREEN-ALUMINIUM and GREENSTEEL supply chain.

The acquisitions are the latest step in LIBERTY’s strategy to build an integrated value chain in France.

The new businesses enter LIBERTY’s French portfolio alongside France’s second largest vehicle converter Durisotti; France’s only manufacturer of aluminium wheels, AR Industries, (now LIBERTY Wheels France); and Europe’s largest aluminium smelter (now LIBERTY Aluminium Dunkerque).

“This is a significant step in GFG Alliance’s French journey,” GFG Alliance Executive Chairman Sanjeev Gupta said. “In less than a year, we have secured a presence across both upstream and downstream activities in France, putting down roots in one of Europe’s most established and renowned industrial economies.”

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