Sanjeev Gupta

Sanjeev Gupta, Executive Chairman and CEO of GFG Alliance

Executive Chairman and CEO of GFG Alliance

Sanjeev Gupta is an international businessman and entrepreneur, heading the GFG Alliance – a global enterprise with activities spanning steel and aluminium production, mining, engineering, power generation, infrastructure, banking, property and commodities trading, as well as education and skills.

As Executive Chairman, he leads a fast-growing $14.5 billion worldwide industrial group, headquartered in London, with additional global hubs in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney, and a presence in over 30 countries.

Born into a family of industrialists in Punjab, he was educated in the UK and graduated with an MA in Economics and Management from the University of Cambridge. He founded Liberty House in 1992, while still an undergraduate, initially as a general merchant focused on Africa. Over subsequent years the Group grew rapidly to become a global trading and supply-chain specialist in steel and non-ferrous metals.

His reputation as an industrialist was solidified by his bold decision to rescue and revive major metals, mining, engineering and power generation operations across the UK and Australia, based on the innovative GREENSTEEL business model. Through a strategy that defied common perceptions of metal manufacture and engineering as dying industries, he has, since 2013, acquired and successfully relaunched more than 35 businesses, saving over 11,000 jobs and, in the process, helping revitalise the supply-chain in key sectors such as construction, automotive, aerospace and oil and gas. As part of this ambitious programme, he saved Scotland’s last two major steelworks, secured the future of Britain’s last remaining aluminium smelter, acquired the UK’s largest electric arc furnace capacity for melting scrap steel, saved one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of engineered components and secured the future of Arrium, the leading integrated mining and steel producer in Australia. His acquisition of the aluminium smelter and hydropower stations at Fort William, Scotland in December 2016 also included more than 100,000 acres of land in the Scottish Highlands, making Sanjeev the UK’s fifth largest private landowner. His Liberty House business is also one of Britain’s largest component manufacturers for the automotive sector.

Today Sanjeev Gupta continues to grow his trading and industrial operations worldwide, whilst also progressing his GREENSTEEL strategy for competitive, low-carbon production based on renewable energy, re-melting of domestically generated scrap and downstream engineering integration to make innovative, high-value-added products for numerous sectors.

In a further bid to support the development of industry, he acquired the London-based Tungsten Bank, which was later relaunched under the name of Wyelands Bank Plc as a specialist provider of supply-chain and trade financing for medium-sized enterprises.

In order to progress the energy element of his vision, Sanjeev works closely with his father’s energy and commodities business, the SIMEC Group, under the umbrella of the GFG Alliance. In this respect, he is a major champion of renewable power development, including hydro, biodiesel, biomass, waste-to-energy, wind, solar and tidal lagoon power.

He is also the co-founder of the GFG Foundation, a charitable organisation that is focused on safeguarding and re-growing industrial and manufacturing skills across the globe.